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HTTP/2 Client Sample
public class HttpResponseUtils {
public static HttpResponse.BodyHandler<Path> createHandler(Path path) {
return (status, headers) -> {
return headers.firstValue("Content-Disposition")
.map(header -> {
if (header.startsWith("attachment;")) {
.map(item -> item.trim())
.filter(item -> item.startsWith("filename="))
.map(f -> {
int index = f.indexOf("=") + 1;
Path newPath = path.getParent().resolve(f.substring(index));
return HttpResponse.BodyProcessor.asFile(newPath);
}).orElseThrow(() -> new UncheckedIOException(new IOException("No Filename")));
} else if (header.startsWith("inline")){
return HttpResponse.BodyProcessor.asFile(path);
} else {
throw new UncheckedIOException(new IOException("No Attachment"));

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@skrb skrb commented Aug 19, 2017

HTTPのヘッダのContent-Dispositionがattachmentかinlineかを判別してダウンロードする HttpResponse.BodyHandler を作成するためのメソッド

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