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How to override sign in with google button using css selectors and psuedo elements.
<div class="g-signin2 signup-button" data-onsuccess="onSignIn" data-theme="dark" data-longtitle="true" data-width="250" data-height="50">
.signup-button {
span[id^="not_signed_in"] {
font-size: 0px;
span[id^="not_signed_in"]:before {
content: "Sign up With Google";
font-size: 16px;
span[id^="not_signed_in"]:after {
content: "";
font-size: 16px;

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@skunkworker skunkworker commented Jan 28, 2020

The resulting html includes an element like
<span id="not_signed_inaabbccddeeff">Sign in with Google</span> where aabbccddeeff is a 12 character random id selector. So we can use the css3 [attribute^=value] selector on the id

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