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Last active May 3, 2021 17:30
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Update and/or Upgrade fail with various git errors

Running brew upgrade or brew update results in some sort of git error

  • Merge conflict
  • Unfinished rebase

Use brew update-reset instead which I beleive downloads all the updates/upgrades fresh

Use brew doctor to get tips on what can be done to improve your local brew setup

Use brew cleanup to remove old or unused files and directories

Sample Error

 brew upgrade
Updating Homebrew...
fatal: It seems that there is already a rebase-apply directory, and
I wonder if you are in the middle of another rebase.  If that is the
case, please try
	git rebase (--continue | --abort | --skip)
If that is not the case, please
	rm -fr ".git/rebase-apply"
and run me again.  I am stopping in case you still have something
valuable there.
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