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Created October 21, 2019 14:26
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Here are a few tips to make you awesome at Cacher.

Getting Started

Snippets are the most useful when you want to re-use a command or a specific code pattern. Here are a few we have in our library:

  • How to delete a git tag
  • Nginx configuration for staging server
  • Crash handler AWS Lambda function

Label everything

Labels are a great way to organize your snippets. A good practice is to have one for every major product feature. We've created the first label for you - Documentation.


  • IntelliJ Platform - Easily search, insert and create snippets within IntelliJ-based IDEs like IDEA, PhpStorm and Rubymine.
  • Visual Studio Code - Create snippets from selected text and insert them quickly with our powerful extension for VSCode.
  • Atom - Create and insert Cacher snippets from within the Atom editor.
  • Sublime Text - Our open-source package for Sublime adds popular snippet commands.
  • Cacher for Chrome and Firefox - Save code snippets from anywhere on the web with our browser extensions.
  • Cacher CLI - The command-line interface to Cacher. Use it to create snippets from clipboard contents and system files.
  • Alfred Workflow - Open source workflow for the macOS Alfred desktop launcher. Search for a snippet from any editor/IDE.

Share with the world is our community for Cacher users. Every snippet from your library has a public-facing page on the site. Check out the SHARE PAGE control at the top of this snippet to see its URL.

Join a team and spread knowledge

Teams allow you and your colleagues to build a shared knowledge base. Use Markdown to write beautifully formatted documentation.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to get around Cacher quickly.


Don't like working with a bright interface? Try switching to a dark theme: User Dropdown > Personal Settings > Themes. Learn more about themes.


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