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@skyl skyl/gist:1410323
Created Nov 30, 2011

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Python order of operations gotcha
In [61]: l
Out[61]: [1, 2, 3, False]
In [62]: i
Out[62]: 1
In [63]: not i in l
Out[63]: False
In [64]: (not i) in l
Out[64]: True
In [65]: i not in l
Out[65]: False
In [66]: not i in l == i not in l
Out[66]: True
In [67]: i not in l == not i in l
File "<ipython console>", line 1
i not in l == not i in l
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
In [68]: i not in l == (not i in l)
Out[68]: False
In [69]: (i not in l) == (not i in l)
Out[69]: True
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