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Python port of arithmetric/aws-lambda-ses-forwarder. An AWS Lambda function for forwarding incoming emails through SES.
This code is a Python 2.7 port of [aws-lambda-ses-forwarder]( Follow instructions there for setting up SES and AWS Lambda.
from email import message_from_file
import json
import logging
import os
import re
import boto3
from botocore.exceptions import ClientError
'': ['', ''],
VERIFIED_FROM_EMAIL = os.environ.get('VERIFIED_FROM_EMAIL', '') # An email that is verified by SES to use as From address.
SES_INCOMING_BUCKET = os.environ['SES_INCOMING_BUCKET'] # S3 bucket where SES stores incoming emails.
s3 = boto3.client('s3')
ses = boto3.client('ses')
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def handle(event, context):
record = event['Records'][0]
assert record['eventSource'] == 'aws:ses'
o = s3.get_object(Bucket=SES_INCOMING_BUCKET, Key=record['ses']['mail']['messageId'])
raw_mail = o['Body']
msg = message_from_file(raw_mail)
del msg['DKIM-Signature']
del msg['Sender']
del msg['Return-Path']
original_from = msg['From']
del msg['From']
msg['From'] = re.sub(r'\<.+?\>', '', original_from).strip() + ' <{}>'.format(VERIFIED_FROM_EMAIL)
if not msg['Reply-To']: msg['Reply-To'] = original_from
msg['Return-Path'] = VERIFIED_FROM_EMAIL
msg_string = msg.as_string()
for recipient in record['ses']['receipt']['recipients']:
forwards = FORWARD_MAPPING.get(recipient, [])
if not forwards:
logger.warning('Recipent <{}> is not found in forwarding map. Skipping recipient.'.format(recipient))
#end if
for address in forwards:
o = ses.send_raw_email(Destinations=[address], RawMessage=dict(Data=msg_string))'Forwarded email for <{}> to <{}>. SendRawEmail response={}'.format(recipient, address, json.dumps(o)))
except ClientError as e: logger.error('Client error while forwarding email for <{}> to <{}>: {}'.format(recipient, address, e))
#end for
#end for
#end def

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@tedder tedder commented Jun 17, 2018

Here's my Python3 port and update:

Note I am assuming this py2.7 code is under the MIT license.

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