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screen and tmux cheat sheet

The formatting here is simple enough to understand (I would hope). ^ means ctrl+, so ^x is ctrl+x. M- means meta (generally left-alt or escape)+, so M-x is left-alt+x

It should be noted that this is no where near a full feature-set of either group. This - being a cheat-sheet - is just to point out the most very basic features to get you on the road.

Action tmux screen
start a new session tmux ORtmux new ORtmux new-session screen
re-attach a detached session tmux attach ORtmux attach-session screen -r
re-attach an attached session (detaching it from elsewhere) tmux attach -dORtmux attach-session -d screen -dr
re-attach an attached session (keeping it attached elsewhere) tmux attach ORtmux attach-session screen -x
detach from currently attached session ^b d OR^b :detach ^a ^d OR^a :detach
rename-window to newname ^b , OR^b :rename-window ^a A
list windows ^b w ^a w
list windows in chooseable menu ^a "
go to window # ^b # ^a #
go to window # (above 9) ^b ' # ^a ' #
go to last-active window ^b l ^a ^a
go to next window ^b n ^a n
go to previous window ^b p ^a p
see keybindings ^b ? ^a ?
list sessions ^b s ORtmux ls ORtmux list-sessions screen -ls
toggle visual bell ^a ^g
create another shell ^b c ^a c
exit current shell ^d ^d
split pane horizontally ^b " ^a S
split pane vertically ^b %
switch to another pane ^b o ^a TAB
kill the current pane ^b x OR(logout/^D)
close other panes except the current one ^b !
swap location of panes ^b ^o
show time ^b t
show numeric values of panes ^b q
enable scroll/view scrollback ^b [ (q to exit) ^a [ (q to exit)
copy text in one view ^a [ ^m (then highlight text and press enter)
paste text into a view ^a ]
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