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Last active May 4, 2017 23:49
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"inputs": [
"name": "serverEndpoint",
"type": "connectedService:vsmobilecenter",
"label": "Mobile Center Connection",
"defaultValue": "",
"required": true,
"helpMarkDown": "Select the service endpoint for your Visual Studio Mobile Center connection. To create one, click the Manage link and create a new service endpoint."
"name": "appSlug",
"type": "string",
"label": "App Slug",
"defaultValue": "",
"required": true,
"helpMarkDown": "The app slug is in the format of **{username}/{app_identifier}**. To locate **{username}** and **{app_identifier}** for an app, click on its name from, and the resulting URL is in the format of [<b>{username}</b>/apps/<b>{app_identifier}</b>]({username}/apps/{app_identifier})"
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