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The simplest character level language model using random picking of characters from a dictionary
import random
import string
from string import punctuation
# Get all the alphabets
alphabetsList = list(string.ascii_letters)
# Get all the punctuations
punctuationList = list(punctuation)
# Create a dictionary with all these characters and space
dictionary = alphabetsList + punctuationList + [" "]
def randomCharPicker(aList):
Returns a randomly selected a character from aList
Probability of selection is 1 / length of dictionary
return random.choice(aList)
if __name__ == "__main__":
tempSentence = ""
# Creating a sentence of 100 characters
for _ in range(100):
# Pick a random charater from dictionary
randomChar = randomCharPicker(dictionary)
# Append it to the output sentence
tempSentence += randomChar
# Display the sentence
print("Current sentence: {}".format(tempSentence))
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