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TimBav sleekweasel

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sleekweasel / adb.cpp
Last active Feb 13, 2020
Patch for adb - prevent automatic server launch, if adb server is not running.
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diff --git a/adb/adb.cpp b/adb/adb.cpp
index 6b30be884..e05b707ed 100644
--- a/adb/adb.cpp
+++ b/adb/adb.cpp
@@ -664,7 +664,13 @@ static void ReportServerStartupFailure(pid_t pid) {
while (static_cast<size_t>(i) < lines.size()) fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", lines[i++].c_str());
+const char* env_adb_server_autostart = "ADB_SERVER_AUTOSTART";
int launch_server(const std::string& socket_spec) {
sleekweasel / w11
Created Jun 26, 2019
Apparent deadlock while requriing modules for 100 appium server instances.
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[09:18:58]node 6635 root cwd DIR 254,1 12288 14943924 /local/buildAgent/work/dcce385aab59e3da/bma-calabash
[09:18:58]node 6635 root rtd DIR 0,188 4096 75761720 /
[09:18:58]node 6635 root txt REG 0,188 29055080 36438248 /usr/bin/node
[09:18:58]node 6635 root mem REG 254,1 36438248 /usr/bin/node (path dev=0,188)
[09:18:58]node 6635 root mem REG 254,1 36176220 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (path dev=0,188)
[09:18:58]node 6635 root mem REG 254,1 36176248 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (path dev=0,188)
[09:18:58]node 6635 root mem REG 254,1 3409779 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (path dev=0,188)
[09:18:58]node 6635 root mem REG 254,1 36176228 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (path dev=0,188)
[09:18:58]node 6635 root mem REG
sleekweasel /
Last active Jun 13, 2019
diff in oldish bash!
# Implementation of in old-ish BASH
# because my Android emulator doesn't have diff on it.
# Seriously bogs down on files >100 lines
# Could implement the common head and tail trimming efficiency.
while IFS= read -r line || [[ "$line" ]] ; do XL+=("$line") ; XC+=($(echo "$line" | cksum | tr ' ' -)) ; done < ${1?First filename required}
sleekweasel / huh.txt
Last active Mar 6, 2019
Duplicated Android device id?!
View huh.txt
usbreset_serials() {
echo Resetting.. May cause devices to move - files to ioctl/vanish.
xargs -t |
sed 's/\/serial/\/uevent/g' |
xargs -tr grep -h DEVNAME= |
sed 's/DEVNAME=/\/dev\//' |
xargs -trn1 sudo $(dirname $0)/usbreset
sleekweasel / patch
Last active Jan 2, 2018
Patch for adb usb bus and vid-pid based segregation (multiple, comma separated), boosting simulataneous emulators, and a bodgy mechanism for remote access to this adb. See
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diff --git a/adb/client/usb_linux.cpp b/adb/client/usb_linux.cpp
index f9ba7cbc2..f805ab9b4 100644
--- a/adb/client/usb_linux.cpp
+++ b/adb/client/usb_linux.cpp
@@ -120,6 +120,71 @@ static inline bool contains_non_digit(const char* name) {
return false;
+static int iterate_numbers(const char* list, int* rejects) {
+ const char* p = list;
sleekweasel / command
Created Jul 20, 2017
rvm doesn't like jruby
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[14:31:30]~/git/bma-calabash (CAL-2855_Try_JRuby)$ cd ..
[14:32:00]~/git$ cd bma-calabash
ruby-2.3.3,:engine=>jruby,:engine_version=> is not installed.
To install do: 'rvm install ruby-2.3.3,:engine=>jruby,:engine_version=>'
[14:32:03]~/git/bma-calabash (CAL-2855_Try_JRuby)$ rvm install 'ruby-2.3.3,:engine=>jruby,:engine_version=>'
Unknown ruby interpreter version (do not know how to handle): :engine=>jruby.
Unknown ruby interpreter version (do not know how to handle): :engine_version=>
Already installed ruby-2.3.3.
To reinstall use:
sleekweasel / README
Last active Jul 17, 2017
Patches to allow remote access to adbd on a Linux host
See also
Two patches in one:
1. Filter devices by USB VID:PID and USB bus device on Linux, in case you need to segregate devices onto different
ADB dameons running on different server ports (like we needed several groups of Samsung phones, and they re-use
their VID:PID for ALL devives):
ADB_DEV_BUS_USB=/dev/bus/usb/bus01 \
ADB_VID_PID_FILTER=1234:8794,1344:2334 \
ANDROID_ADB_SERVER_PORT=9123 adb devices
sleekweasel / session
Last active Feb 1, 2017
SLES/Docker locale issue caused by missing mkdir /usr/lib/locale and needing to re-start bash
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9f2a7296bd3e:/ # zypper in glibc-i18ndata
9f2a7296bd3e:/ # localedef -v -c -i en_GB -f UTF-8 en_GB.UTF-8
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:23: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:24: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:25: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:26: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:27: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:30: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:31: non-symbolic character value should not be used
/usr/share/i18n/locales/en_GB:32: non-symbolic character value should not be used
sleekweasel / patch
Created Jan 30, 2017
~/git/calabash-android (master)$ git show 0acc0d1d98e485336c3a37b599a8b052063e85a4 > patch
View patch
commit 0acc0d1d98e485336c3a37b599a8b052063e85a4
Author: Tim Baverstock <>
Date: Fri May 29 18:18:36 2015 +0100
Retrieve Jacoco coverage
diff --git a/ruby-gem/lib/calabash-android/helpers.rb b/ruby-gem/lib/calabash-android/helpers.rb
index c94c768..485aa31 100755
--- a/ruby-gem/lib/calabash-android/helpers.rb
+++ b/ruby-gem/lib/calabash-android/helpers.rb
View skanky_redis.rb
require 'socket'
# Crappy REDIS for the Linux agents, to avoid having to install redis everywhere.
# Would have been better had I realised the manual mode wasn't the standard.
# NB:
# env.LC_ALL en_US.UTF-8
class SkankyRedis
def initialize
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