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GBZ80 Lz4 decompression function progress.
section "lz4-data", hram
token: db ; Most recently read token.
backref: dw
; dst/src is always stored in de/hl
section "lz4-code", rom0
; de: dst, hl: src
; Read token from stream.
ld a, [hl+]
ldh [token], a
; Decode literal count into bc starting with upper nibble of token.
swap a
and $F
ld b, 0
ld c, a
cp 15
call consume_inc_bytes
call copy_to_dst
; Check if backref is 0.
ld a, [hl+]
ldh [backref+0], a
or [hl]
ret z
ld a, [hl+]
ldh [backref+1], a
; Decode backref count into bc starting with the lower nibble of token.
ldh a, [token]
and $F
add 4 ; Minimum match length is 4.
; B is reset by copy_to_dst
ld c, a
cp 19
call consume_inc_bytes
; Save src pointer.
push hl
; backref_src = dst - backref
ldh a, [backref+0]
sub e
ld l, a
ldh a, [backref+1]
sbc d
ld h, a
inc hl
; Copy the back ref.
call copy_to_dst
; Restore src and repeat.
pop hl
jp decompress_lz4
ret nz
; u8 overflow = *src++;
ld a, [hl]
; literals += overflow;
add c
ld c, a
jr nc, .no_inc_b
inc b
ld a, [hl+]
; Check if it was 255
inc a
jr consume_inc_bytes
; de: dst, hl: src, bc: size
; Check exit condition first.
ld a, b
or c
ret z
ld a, [hl+]
ld [de], a
inc de
dec bc
jr copy_to_dst
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