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import requests
params = {'access_token': '<your-access-token>'}
# Create the deposit resource
url = ""
headers = {"Content-Type": "application/json"}
res =
# Headers are not necessary here since "requests" automatically
# adds "Content-Type: application/json", because we're using
# the "json=" keyword argument...
# headers=headers,
# In the new files API we use a PUT request to a 'bucket' link, which is the container for files
# bucket url looks like this: ''
bucket_url = res.json()['links']['bucket']
# We pass the file object (fp) directly to request as 'data' for stream upload
# the target URL is the URL of the bucket and the desired filename on Zenodo seprated by slash
with open('/path/to/', 'rb') as fp:
res = requests.put(
bucket_url + '/',
# No headers included in the request, since it's a raw byte request
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When people talk about "the new files API" (#1764), is there some online documentation which shows its differences versus the "old API"?

Or is it the same API (same access point, same documentation), where some things have changed along time ... so an old script could now be failing because of the changes?

I have just discovered Zenodo and this is the only documentation I found. But it doesn't say it is new or old:

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can you add a percentage indicator of the upload process?
it would be great in large file sizes.

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loganbvh commented Apr 24, 2023

I think this is all it takes to add a progress bar:

import os

import requests
from tqdm import tqdm  # pip install tqdm
from tqdm.utils import CallbackIOWrapper

params = {"access_token": "<your-access-token>"}

# Get bucket URL
res = requests.get(
# print(res.json())
bucket_url = res.json()["links"]["bucket"]

# Upload file
file_path = "<path-to-file-to-upload>"
file_size = os.stat(file_path).st_size
with open(file_path, "rb") as f:
    with tqdm(total=file_size, unit="B", unit_scale=True, unit_divisor=1024) as t:
        wrapped_file = CallbackIOWrapper(t.update, f, "read")
            bucket_url + "/" + os.path.basename(file_path),

Based on this gist.

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