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#0 0x94c537c3 in __udivdi3 ()
#1 0x00283885 in mono_100ns_ticks () at mono-time.c:155
#2 0x002837bd in mono_msec_ticks () at mono-time.c:122
#3 0x00226294 in monitor_thread (unused=0x0) at threadpool.c:785
#4 0x0022a841 in start_wrapper_internal (data=0x52fe90) at threads.c:784
#5 0x0022a942 in start_wrapper (data=0x52fe90) at threads.c:832
#6 0x0027125e in thread_start_routine (args=0x327a108) at wthreads.c:287
#7 0x001f6e65 in gc_start_thread (arg=0x5088d0) at sgen-gc.c:6297
#8 0x93cf1557 in _pthread_start ()
#9 0x93cdbcee in thread_start ()
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