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Sponsor This Week In React


The new sponsoring offers page is now available here:

Old document (archived):

Last updated: May 2022


  • 7000+ subscribers
  • Qualified and engaged audience that like receiving my emails (testimonials)
  • Open-rate > 55%
  • 400€ HT: your ad (job, product...) for 1 month / 4 editions

Note: my French React newsletter 🇫🇷 (9000+ subscribers on Revue + LinkedIn) also accepts sponsors (instructions). I can help translate your ad.

The newsletter contains up to 3 sponsored content.

I'm open to any kind of proposal as long as it remains relevant for my audience.

I favor a fixed price ad and avoid affiliation.

To learn more about this newsletter and its underlying story, you can read my 2021 retro


A qualified and engaged international audience: many senior developers, tech leads, engineering managers, CTOs...


  • 4600+ subscribers (displayed live here)
  • Average open-rate > 55%
  • Many web readers coming from RSS and the Twitter Threads



  • Open-rate is hard to track (particularly for a tech savy audience) and in reality it's probably over
  • The audience is very engaged and like receiving my emails (many Twitter testimonials)


Current prices:

  • 200€ / edition
  • 400€ / 4 editions
  • 1000€ / 12 editions
  • Tailor-made

There is one edition per week, so the price is around 400€/month.

Examples and constraints

I ask for sponsors to respect some constraints for their ads. That also helps preventing Gmail from truncating very long emails, leading to a bad reading UX.


  • title: a single line with a link
  • body: no more than 12 short lines of text
  • no image
  • well-written text, limited usage of smiley and bold.
  • the ad must be relevant to the audience (no Java or C# job offers for example)

Good ad examples:



Advice and remarks

  • To track performance, provide your own tracking link (for example
  • All Revue links automatically have some utm tags: utm_campaign=sebastien_lorber_newsletter
  • Sponsoring for hiring is more efficient over multiple editions

Order now

  • Contact me by email or LinkedIn.
  • Tell me which offer are you interested in
  • Send me your informations for invoicing: company name, address, VAT number (if any), contact name/email/phone
  • Tell me when you want the ad to be published. By default: asap.
  • I send you an invoice with my company: Lambda Scale.

I also need the ad informations:

  • title on a single line, max 56 chars
  • title link, with or without tracking
  • text body, up to 12 lines

Tip: send me the ad by email as rich text (including title, links with/without tracking, bold, italic...)

Important: to give visibility to sponsors, I plan to make the calendar public. If you don't want your company's name to appear publicly in this calendar, please give me a company alias.

Important: the reserved ad slots may be postponed: I manage this newsletter alone and may have to skip an edition for unexpected personal reasons.

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