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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import string
from text.blob import Blobber
from text.taggers import PerceptronTagger, PatternTagger, NLTKTagger
def accuracy(test_set, tagger):
n_correct = 0
total = 0
tb = Blobber(pos_tagger=tagger)
for tagged_sentence in test_set:
# Get the untagged sentence string
# e.g. "Pierre Vinken , 61 years old , will join the board ..."
raw_sentence = ' '.join([word for word, tag in tagged_sentence])
blob = tb(raw_sentence) # Create a blob that uses the specified tagger
tags = [tag for word, tag in blob.tags]
# skip punctuation in test data
target_tags = [tag for word, tag in tagged_sentence
if tag not in string.punctuation]
total += len(tags)
# Add the number of correct tags
n_correct += sum(1 for i in range(len(tags)) if tags[i] == target_tags[i])
return float(n_correct) / total # The accuracy
if __name__ == '__main__':
test = [[(u'Pierre', u'NNP'), (u'Vinken', u'NNP'), (u',', u','), (u'61', u'CD'),
(u'years', u'NNS'), (u'old', u'JJ'), (u',', u','), (u'will', u'MD'),
(u'join', u'VB'), (u'the', u'DT'), (u'board', u'NN'), (u'as', u'IN'),
(u'a', u'DT'), (u'nonexecutive', u'JJ'), (u'director', u'NN'),
(u'Nov.', u'NNP'), (u'29', u'CD'), (u'.', u'.')],
[(u'Mr.', u'NNP'), (u'Vinken', u'NNP'), (u'is', u'VBZ'), (u'chairman', u'NN'),
(u'of', u'IN'), (u'Elsevier', u'NNP'), (u'N.V.', u'NNP'), (u',', u','),
(u'the', u'DT'), (u'Dutch', u'NNP'), (u'publishing', u'VBG'),
(u'group', u'NN'), (u'.', u'.'), (u'Rudolph', u'NNP'), (u'Agnew', u'NNP'),
(u',', u','), (u'55', u'CD'), (u'years', u'NNS'), (u'old', u'JJ'),
(u'and', u'CC'), (u'former', u'JJ'), (u'chairman', u'NN'), (u'of', u'IN'),
(u'Consolidated', u'NNP'), (u'Gold', u'NNP'), (u'Fields', u'NNP'),
(u'PLC', u'NNP'), (u',', u','), (u'was', u'VBD'), (u'named', u'VBN'),
(u'a', u'DT'), (u'nonexecutive', u'JJ'), (u'director', u'NN'), (u'of', u'IN'),
(u'this', u'DT'), (u'British', u'JJ'), (u'industrial', u'JJ'),
(u'conglomerate', u'NN'), (u'.', u'.')],
[(u'A', u'DT'), (u'form', u'NN'),
(u'of', u'IN'), (u'asbestos', u'NN'), (u'once', u'RB'), (u'used', u'VBN'),
(u'to', u'TO'), (u'make', u'VB'), (u'Kent', u'NNP'), (u'cigarette', u'NN'),
(u'filters', u'NNS'), (u'has', u'VBZ'), (u'caused', u'VBN'), (u'a', u'DT'),
(u'high', u'JJ'), (u'percentage', u'NN'), (u'of', u'IN'),
(u'cancer', u'NN'), (u'deaths', u'NNS'),
(u'among', u'IN'), (u'a', u'DT'), (u'group', u'NN'), (u'of', u'IN'),
(u'workers', u'NNS'), (u'exposed', u'VBN'), (u'to', u'TO'), (u'it', u'PRP'),
(u'more', u'RBR'), (u'than', u'IN'), (u'30', u'CD'), (u'years', u'NNS'),
(u'ago', u'IN'), (u',', u','), (u'researchers', u'NNS'),
(u'reported', u'VBD'), (u'.', u'.')]]
print(accuracy(test, PerceptronTagger()))
print(accuracy(test, NLTKTagger()))
print(accuracy(test, PatternTagger()))
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