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Working from home
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slotix / gmaps-scraper.json
Created April 19, 2021 21:19
DFK Payload for extracting single place data from google maps.
"fields": [
"attrs": [
"filters": [
"name": "trim",
"param": ""
slotix / gist:7a58740502f2e692a19d2ff286b82391
Created February 24, 2021 16:28
DBConvert studio Dockerfile
RUN echo "Downloading dbconvert studio"
COPY DBConvert-Studio.reg /
RUN powershell -Command "Write-Host 'Expanding dbconvert archive'; \
Expand-Archive; \
Write-Host 'Installing dbconvert'; \
Start-Process msiexec -ArgumentList '/i', 'C:\dbconvert_studio\dbconvert_studio_x64\DbConvertStudioSetup_x64.msi', '/quiet', '/norestart' -NoNewWindow -Wait; \
Start-Process reg import DBConvert-Studio.reg; \
slotix / covid-19.json
Last active April 10, 2020 10:03
COVID-19 information payload for Dataflow Kit
Goal CSS 3 XPath
All Elements * //*
All P Elements p //p
All Child Elements p>* //p/*
Element By ID #foo //*[@id=’foo’]
Element By Class .foo //*[contains(@class,’foo’)]
Element With Attribute *[title] //*[@title]
First Child of All P p>*:first-child //p/*[0]
All P with an A child Not possible //p[a]
Next Element p + * //p/following-sibling::*[0]