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@props(['item', 'icon' => null, 'showUpperLine' => false, 'showLowerLine' => false])
<a href="{{ $item['url'] }}"
'fi-sidebar-item-button relative flex items-center justify-center gap-x-3 rounded-lg px-2 py-2 outline-none transition duration-75',
'hover:bg-gray-100 focus-visible:bg-gray-100 dark:hover:bg-white/5 dark:focus-visible:bg-white/5' => filled($item['url']),
'bg-gray-100 dark:bg-white/5' => $item['isActive'],

Install Google Fonts

Download desired fonts

Install Google Fonts on Ubuntu

cd /usr/share/fonts
sudo mkdir googlefonts
cd googlefonts
sudo unzip -d . ~/Downloads/

slovenianGooner / button.vue
Created November 7, 2022 12:55
DaisyUI components
<script setup lang="ts">
import {ref, useSlots} from "vue";
let button = ref<HTMLElement|null>(null);
let icon = ref<HTMLElement|null>(null)
let slots = useSlots();
let props = defineProps({
loading: { type: Boolean, default: false }
slovenianGooner / Index.vue
Created March 18, 2021 08:18
Manually starting an inertia event to trigger the loading screen
<button @click="simulateLoading">
Simulate Loading
import Layout from "../Shared/Layout";
import { fireStartEvent, fireFinishEvent } from "@inertiajs/inertia/src/events";
slovenianGooner / +.js
Last active March 13, 2021 21:16
Example Fig spec
var completionSpec = {
name: "+",
description: "A set of aliases for everyday use.",
subcommands: [
name: "Download From Production",
"Download the latest database dump and storage files from production.",
insertValue: "\b\b./\n",