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How to link into the WordPress Customizer
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Very nice! I found it from

Heads up: These do not work if the Customizer is active, giving the link a .customize-unpreviewable class and therefore gets this CSS applied: cursor: not-allowed !important;

You can use to detect if in the customizer.

And may be a handy alternative or supplement, too.

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TIP: if you want to add links inside the customizer, you can use the customizer API:
<a href="javascript:wp.customize.panel( 'widgets' ).focus();">Widgets Panel</a>

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dbmpls commented Sep 11, 2020

Turned panel, section and control into shortcode options which you can easily stick into custom widgets or other help text on your site dashboard:

function customizer_link_shortcode($atts, $content = null){
		//type: panel, section, control
		//name: name of panel, section or control
		//link_text: the link title or name
		extract(shortcode_atts(array('type' => 'panel', 'name' => 'nav_menus', 'link_text' => 'Edit Menu'), $atts));
			case "panel":
				$query['autofocus[panel]'] = $name;
				$url = add_query_arg( $query, admin_url( 'customize.php' ) );
			case "section":
				$query['autofocus[section]'] = $name;
				$url = add_query_arg( $query, admin_url( 'customize.php' ) );
			case "control":
				$query['autofocus[control]'] = $name;
				$url = add_query_arg( $query, admin_url( 'customize.php' ) );
		$link = sprintf('<a class="customizer_link" href="%1$s">%2$s</a>',$url,$link_text);
		return $link;
add_shortcode( 'customizer_link', ,'customizer_link_shortcode' );

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