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Last active Jun 27, 2020

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Linux Desktop User: Sane defaults

Being a Linux desktop user is not easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

Enabling persistent journals

This is especially useful for collecting logs of system issues.
journalctl --boot=-1 --pager-end

Attempts to fix display freeze

My system will often freeze the display and the only way to recover is by a hard reboot. These are the steps I have tried


Remove any vga= or video= options from the kernel boot parameters

Went from:

quiet loglevel=3 vga=current resume=UUID=de4366d9-ba05-43da-b70b-e7bb53fbed7a nouveau.modeset=0 nvidia-drm.modeset=1 video=SVIDEO-1:d lsm=lockdown,yama


quiet loglevel=3 resume=UUID=de4366d9-ba05-43da-b70b-e7bb53fbed7a nouveau.modeset=0 nvidia-drm.modeset=1lsm=lockdown,yama
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