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A sendAndReceive RabbitMQ flow with Reactor AMQP support
try {
def lapin = Lapin.from(someConnectionFactory)
//Unique channel/publisher, auto close on Subscription#cancel().
def publisher = LapinStreams.toLapinAndExchange(lapin, someExchangeName)
def replyToStream = publisher
//listen for 1 message, if replyTo is null will generate a temp queue, and will timeout after 30s without reply.
// Publish the message
publisher.onNext(ExchangeSignal.route(message.bytes, someRoutingKey, someExchangeName, props))
// return the tail of the stream to attach Reactive Stream subscriber or keep on adding actions to react on reply
} catch (Exception ioe) {
// connection factory failed so we wrap into an Error Stream.
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