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public class FeatureEnabledBoolAttribute : PXDBBoolAttribute
protected Type RecordType;
public BCFeatureEnabledBoolAttribute(Type recordType)
RecordType = recordType;
public override void CommandPreparing(PXCache sender, PXCommandPreparingEventArgs e)
smarenich / CashDiscountAP.cs
Last active April 9, 2019 15:39
Correcting Cash Discount calculation for non-inclusive taxes in AR and SO invoices and in purchase orders and AP bills.
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using PX.Data;
using PX.Objects;
using PX.Common;
using PX.Objects.GL;
using PX.Objects.CM;
using PX.Objects.CS;
using PX.Objects.TX;
using PX.Objects.CR;
using PX.Objects.CA;
View TaxPrecExtension.cs
using System;
using PX.Data;
using PX.Objects.CM;
using PX.Objects.CS;
using PX.Objects.IN;
using PX.Objects.TX;
namespace PX.Objects.AR
public class ARTaxExtensionAttribute : ARTaxAttribute
View RatesView.sql
IF OBJECT_ID ('dbo.[px_Rates]', 'V') IS NOT NULL
DROP VIEW [dbo].[px_Rates]
CREATE VIEW [dbo].[px_Rates] AS
select FromCury.CompanyID as CompanyID, FromCury.CuryID as FromCuryID, ToCury.CuryID as ToCuryID, Date as CuryEffDate,
Coalesce((Select top 1 CuryRateID
from CurrencyRate r
where r.CuryEffDate <= Date and r.CompanyID = FromCury.CompanyID and r.FromCuryID = FromCury.CuryID and r.ToCuryID = ToCury.CuryID
order by CuryEffDate), 0) as RateID
View OnlineUsers.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<relations format-version="3" relations-version="20180809" main-table="GIDesign" stable-sharing="True" file-name="(Name)">
<link from="GIFilter (DesignID)" to="GIDesign (DesignID)" />
<link from="GIGroupBy (DesignID)" to="GIDesign (DesignID)" />
<link from="GIMassAction (DesignID)" to="GIDesign (DesignID)" />
<link from="GIMassUpdateField (DesignID)" to="GIDesign (DesignID)" />
<link from="GINavigationScreen (DesignID)" to="GIDesign (DesignID)" />
<link from="GINavigationParameter (DesignID, ScreenID)" to="GINavigationScreen (DesignID, ScreenID)" />
<link from="GIOn (DesignID, RelationNbr)" to="GIRelation (DesignID, LineNbr)" />
View DynamicDropDown_Attribute.cs
public class SOARDocTypesListAttribute : PXStringListAttribute, IPXRowSelectedSubscriber
public Type _Module;
public class OrderTypesDefinition : IPrefetchable
public Dictionary<String, String> list = new Dictionary<String, String>();
public void Prefetch()
View InterCompanyProcessing.cs
#region Processing
public static void ProcessRecords(List<ARRegister> records)
PXGraph graph = new PXGraph();
Boolean anyFailed = false;
foreach (ARRegister rec in records)
View MergedDAC
using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using PX.Data;
using PX.Objects.AR;
using PX.Objects.GL;
using PX.Objects.CS;
using PX.Objects.CR;
using PX.Objects.SO;
View SplitContainer.aspx
<px:PXSplitContainer runat="server" SplitterPosition="250" ID="splitConditions" Orientation="Horizontal">
<AutoSize Enabled="true" Container="Window" />
<px:PXGrid runat="server" ID="grid11" Height="150px" SkinID="DetailsInTab" Width="100%" SyncPosition="True">
<AutoSize Enabled="True" MinHeight="150" />
<px:PXGridLevel DataMember="DataMember1">
View MyAutoNumberAttribute.cs
using System;
using PX.Data;
using PX.Common;
namespace PX.Objects.CS
public class MyAutoNumberAttribute: PX.Objects.CS.AutoNumberAttribute
public MyAutoNumberAttribute(Type doctypeField, Type dateField)
:base(doctypeField, dateField)