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@import "twitter/bootstrap";
// -------------------------------
// Links
@linkColor: #8b59c2;
@linkColorHover: darken(@linkColor, 10);
// Grays
@black: #000;
@grayDark: lighten(@black, 25%);
@gray: lighten(@black, 50%);
@grayLight: lighten(@black, 70%);
@grayLighter: lighten(@black, 90%);
@white: #fff;
// Accent Colors
@blue: #08b5fb;
@green: #46a546;
@red: #9d261d;
@yellow: #ffc40d;
@orange: #f89406;
@pink: #c3325f;
@purple: #7a43b6;
// Baseline grid
@basefont: 15px;
@baseline: 20px;
@gridColumnWidth: 41px;
@gridGutterWidth: 21px;
// -------------------------------
// general
@import "general_layout";
@import "header";
// custom
@import "items"; // <<< THIS IS WHERE I'D LIKE TO USE @gray AND MIXINS
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