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Ruby AES128 encrypt-decrypt example
require "openssl"
require "base64"
include Base64
plain_text = "The beatings will continue until morale improves"
cipher =
key = cipher.random_key
iv = cipher.random_iv
cipher_text = cipher.update(plain_text) +
cipher =
cipher.key = key
cipher.iv = iv
decrypted_plain_text = cipher.update(cipher_text) +
puts "AES128 in CBC mode"
puts "Key: " + urlsafe_encode64(key)
puts "Iv: " + urlsafe_encode64(iv)
puts "Plain text: " + plain_text
puts "Cipher text: " + urlsafe_encode64(cipher_text)
puts "Decrypted plain text: " + decrypted_plain_text
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