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Last active January 16, 2017 15:08
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An opinionated minimalistic vim setup for any bare or unfamiliar server
# + +
# + +
# +
# = vim.min
# © Smile @rT, 2015
echo -e "se nocp\nruntime plugin/netrwPlugin.vim\nset t_ut=" > $VIM_MIN
curl -Ls -XGET >> $VIM_MIN
curl -Ls -XGET >> $VIM_MIN
curl -Ls -XGET >> $VIM_MIN
function vim_min() { \vim -u "$VIM_MIN" $@; }
alias vim=vim_min
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smileart commented Apr 9, 2015

Just execute this source <(curl -Ls on any bare or unfamiliar server, and Bob's your uncle – an opinionated minimalistic vim setup!

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