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* Change Concept Type
* Requires jArchi -
* Updated from original to prompt for types
* Version 1: First release
* Version 2: Error handling
function convertType() {;
console.log("> Change Concepts");
defaultType = $(selection).first().type;
var concept1 = window.prompt("Convert From Concept Type", defaultType );
if (!concept1) {console.log("> Change Concepts: Cancelled"); return;}
var concept2 = window.prompt("Convert To Concept Type", defaultType );
if (!concept2) {console.log("> Change Concepts: Cancelled"); return;}
var suffix = window.prompt("Include Suffix", "" );
if (suffix==null) {console.log("> Change Concepts: Cancelled"); return;}
if (concept1!=concept2 || suffix!="") {
$(selection).filter(concept1).each(function(e) {
e.concept.type = concept2;
e.fillColor = null;
if (suffix!="") { = + suffix;
else {
console.error("> Change Concepts: Concepts not changed");
console.error("> Change Concepts:" + e);
console.log("> Change Concepts: Done");
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alef1986 commented Mar 28, 2020

Thanks a lot for this script!
A question: I've just tried to use it to convert relationship types in a view. Didn't work :( It seems formally the script supports elements, not concepts? Or am I doing it wrong, using wrong naming of relationships? (i.e. "InfluenceRelationship", "RealizationRelationship" - clearly without bracets)

// Edit>
Yes, I did use wrong names! It's "influence-relationship", "realization-relationship". Thanks again, cool thing!

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smileham commented Mar 28, 2020

Hey alef1986

To be honest, I never even thought about trying the script on relationships! Glad it worked though.

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