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import init_api_client
import swagger_client
from import ApiException
# Initialize SDK and parse the args for connection details
args = init_api_client.parse_arguments()
api_client = init_api_client.get_api_client(args)
# Create search API client object
search_api = swagger_client.SearchApi()
# Create request parameters required for search APIs, searching for all VMs in a certain vCenter
filter_string = " = 'my-vcenter'"
public_api_search_request_params = dict(entity_type=swagger_client.EntityType.VIRTUALMACHINE, filter=filter_string, size=100)
# Create payload from search parameters required for calling the search API & call the search API
search_payload = swagger_client.SearchRequest(**public_api_search_request_params)
api_response = search_api.search_entities(body=search_payload)
# Print the output. This will be a list of entity ids
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