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What the heck do you think my status is?

Scott smolinari

What the heck do you think my status is?
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smolinari / db.js
Created Apr 29, 2020
The services/db.js file for the Quasar todo browser extension demo
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export default {
* This will ask for ALL items from chrome storage and return only the ones we're interested in.
* @param type
getAll (type) {
return this.get(null).then(allItems => {
return allItems.filter(f => f && f.type && f.type === type)
smolinari / content-hooks.js
Created Apr 28, 2020
The Quasar Todo example browser extension content hook file.
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iFrame = document.createElement('iframe'),
defaultFrameHeight = '0px',
defaultFrameWidth = '0px'
* Set the height of our iFrame housing our BEX
* @param height
const setIFrameDimensions = (height, width) => {
smolinari / background-hooks.js
Created Apr 28, 2020
The Quasar Todo example browser extension background hook file.
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export default function attachBackgroundHooks (bridge, allActiveConnections) {
bridge.on('storage.get', event => {
const payload =
if (payload.key === null) {, r => {
const result = []
// Group the items up into an array to take advantage of the bridge's chunk splitting.
for (const itemKey in r) {
smolinari / manifest.json
Created Apr 27, 2020
Quasar to-do app browser extension example
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"name": "quasar-todo-extension",
"description": "A Quasar web browser extension for bookmarking and adding todos.",
"version": "1.0.0",
"manifest_version": 2,
"icons": {
"16": "icons/icon16x16.png",
"48": "icons/icon48x48.png",
"128": "icons/icon128x128.png"
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methods: {
updateCache (store, { data: { toggleTodo } }) {
const id = `TodoItem:${}`
const fragment = queries.toggleTodoFragment
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<template v-slot="{ mutate, loading, error }">
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<p v-if="error">There has been an error<br>{{error}}</p>
View TodoList.alt.vue
:query="gql => gql`
query GetTodos {
todos @client {
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<div style="width: 300px">
<q-list bordered separator v-if="todos.length">
<q-item v-for="todo in visibleTodos" :key="">
<Todo :todo="todo" />
<p v-else class="text-center"> Add some tasks and let's get some work done! </p>
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<div class="q-pa-sm text-center">
v-for="(filter, index) in filters"
{{ filter.label }}
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