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Created April 12, 2021 04:04
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Soft hack to open telnet

You need gateway 3(mgl03) connected to MiHome. And also ip and gateway token.

1 way (recommended)

Via XiaomiGateway3 component.

You must input in the 'Open Telnet command' field(as it is without changing anything):

{"method":"set_ip_info","params":{"ssid":"\"\"","pswd":"123123 ; passwd -d admin ; echo enable > /sys/class/tty/tty/enable; telnetd"}}

2 way (recommended if not using Home Assistant)

php-miio (

You may need to change id.

php miio-cli.php --ip GW_IP --token GW_TOKEN --sendcmd '{"id":123,"method":"set_ip_info","params":{"ssid":"\"\"","pswd":"123123 ; passwd -d admin ; echo enable > /sys/class/tty/tty/enable; telnetd"}}'

3 way (maybe problem with sequence id)

python-miio (

miiocli device --ip GW_IP --token GW_TOKEN raw_command set_ip_info '{"ssid":"\"\"","pswd":"123123 ; passwd -d admin ; echo enable > /sys/class/tty/tty/enable; telnetd"}'

After opening telnet, it is better to install custom firmware (only for Xiaomi Gateway 3 mgl03).

Read here:

Open telnet command should also work with:

  • lumi.gateway.mgl03 - Mi Smart Home Hub
  • lumi.gateway.acn01 - Aqara Hub M1S CN
  • lumi.gateway.aeu01 - Aqara Hub M1S EU
  • lumi.aircondition.acn05 - Aqara Air Conditioning Controller P3
  • lumi.gateway.sacn01 - Smart USB Wall Outlet Hub

I am not author, I just tested and improved and published.

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