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ubuntu@ip-10-144-82-200:/tmp$ mongodump -h <secret> -o /tmp/$filename -u '<secret>' -p '<secret>' -d $database -c 'events' -q "{ time: { \$gt: new Date(1438126894105) }}"
connected to: localhost:27113
2015-07-30T23:42:45.635+0000 DATABASE: analytics-prod to /tmp/analytics-prod-2015-07-30-22-07-40/analytics-prod
2015-07-30T23:42:45.635+0000 to /tmp/analytics-prod-2015-07-30-22-07-40/analytics-prod/events.bson
2015-07-30T23:42:48.107+0000 Collection File Writing Progress: 163100/11688263 1% (documents)
2015-07-30T23:42:48.213+0000 169053 documents
2015-07-30T23:42:48.894+0000 Metadata for to /tmp/analytics-prod-2015-07-30-22-07-40/analytics-prod/events.metadata.json
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