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Simple Sage 9 Slider with Slick
namespace App;
* Super Simple Slider
* Uses Advanced Custom Fields image gallery field, but this
* can be extended to pretty much anything else.
* @param $data
* @return mixed
function slider( $data ) {
$images = get_field('images');
if ( $images ) {
$data['images'] = $images;
return $data;
add_filter( 'sage/template/page/data', 'App\\slider' );
<ul class="list-unstyled slider">
@forelse($images as $image)
<li class="card">
<img class="card-img-top" src="{{$image['url']}}" alt="{{$image['alt']}}">
<div class="card-block">
<h4 class="card-title text-center">{{$image['caption']}}</h4>
<li class="alert alert-danger">No Images</li>
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