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Created March 4, 2022 22:21
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A dynamic vector struct thing
#include <stdio.h>
#include "Vectors.h"
int main() {
IntVector vector;
IntVectorPushBack(&vector, 100);
IntVectorPushBack(&vector, 130);
IntVectorPushBack(&vector, 340);
IntVectorPushBack(&vector, 50034);
IntVector vector2;
IntVectorPushBack(&vector2, 8);
IntVectorPushBack(&vector2, 894);
IntVectorPushBack(&vector2, 58);
IntVectorPushBack(&vector2, 1833455);
IntVector distance;
IntVectorGetDistance(&distance, &vector, &vector2);
for (int i = 0; i < vector.element_count; i++) {
printf("element[%d]: %d\n", i, IntVectorGetValue(&distance, i));
return 0;
#include "Vectors.h"
void IntVectorInit(IntVector* vec) {
// Initaliase the element count to zero, allocate 0 byes for the
// vector pointer, and mark deleted as false.
vec->element_count = 0;
vec->vector = malloc(0);
vec->deleted = false;
void IntVectorPushBack(IntVector* vec, int value) {
// set vec+element_count to value
*(vec->vector+vec->element_count) = value;
// increment element_count
// reallocate the vector to allow for the size of an int times
// the amount of elements in the vector
vec->vector = realloc(vec->vector, sizeof(int) * vec->element_count);
int IntVectorGetValue(IntVector* vec, int idx) {
// check if trying to get invalid data...
if (idx >= vec->element_count || idx < 0) {
printf("ERROR: invalid index '%d'\n", idx);
if (vec->deleted) {
printf("ERROR: tried to fetch data from deleted IntVector object\n");
// ... otherwise return the value at vector offsetted by the index
return *(vec->vector+idx);
void IntVectorPop(IntVector* vec, int amount) {
// decrement element count by amount...
vec->element_count -= amount;
// ... and update vector accordingly
vec->vector = realloc(vec->vector, sizeof(int) * vec->element_count);
void IntVectorDelete(IntVector* vec) {
// free the vector
// set the vector to null
vec->vector = NULL;
// and deleted to true
vec->deleted = true;
void IntVectorGetDistance(IntVector* resultvector, IntVector* vec0, IntVector* vec1) {
// make sure that both elements are of the same size
if (vec0->element_count != vec1->element_count) {
printf("ERROR: vec0 and vec1 do not have identical dimensions.");
// if they are, loop until i == element count
for (int i = 0; i < vec0->element_count; i++) {
// push back vec0[i]-vec1[i] into resultvector
IntVectorPushBack(resultvector, IntVectorGetValue(vec0, i)-IntVectorGetValue(vec1, i));
#ifndef VECTORS_H
#define VECTORS_H
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
// A dynamic vector of intagers
typedef struct {
int* vector;
int element_count;
bool deleted;
} IntVector;
// Initialises an IntVector (must be used before doing any other operation on the vector)
// @param vec A pointer to an IntVector
void IntVectorInit(IntVector* vec);
// 'Pushes back' a value onto a vector
// @param vec A pointer to an IntVector
// @param value The value to push back on the IntVector
void IntVectorPushBack(IntVector* vec, int value);
// Pops any amount of values off a vector
// @param vec A pointer to an IntVector
// @param amount The amount of elements to pop off the vector
void IntVectorPop(IntVector* vec, int amount);
// Deletes a vector (should be used when finished with the IntVector)
// @param vec A pointer to an IntVector
void IntVectorDelete(IntVector* vec);
// Gets the distance between two IntVectors and stores the result in another
// @param resultvector A pointer to the vector where the result should be stored
// @param vec0 The vector to get the distance from
// @param vec1 The vector to get the distance to
void IntVectorGetDistance(IntVector* resultvector, IntVector* vec0, IntVector* vec1);
// Gets the value from an IntVector at a specific index
// @param vec A pointer to an IntVector
// @param idx The index that the requested value is at
// @return The value in IntVector vec at idx
int IntVectorGetValue(IntVector* vec, int idx);
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