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Managing stress, anxiety and depression during Covid-19
This list started as a Slack message, turned into a company email, then turned
into a blog post to include things *organizations* can do to manage this difficult time.
You can read the final blog post here:
Hi all,
I posted this to slack (and pinned it), but just in case you missed it, here it is in email.
I’ll update that thread as I remember more ideas:
Some good advice I've seen on managing anxiety/depression during this trying time, collected from various places:
- connect with loved ones more via video chat
- read a book or listen to an audiobook
- play video games (if that helps distract - even iOS games can help - we use Hidden Object Puzzles here)
- stay active - learn yoga, go outside for runs, walks, hikes or bike rides (but maintain distance)
- remember to eat enough and drink enough water. set timers if you need to.
- volunteer to help with online fundraising or other charity work - learn to sew and make face masks ( )
- keep a lean diet of social media if you can. lots of FUD and anger and misinformation
- make time for yourself, even if you have to care for others. think airplane-style "put your breathing mask on first”
- clean, if you're not at risk of it turning obsessive
- take an online class and learn something new, even (especially?) if it has absolutely nothing to do with your job (I have places you can go for free online classes)
- watch movies/TV (not the best option, but it can distract for a bit (try to stay away from dystopian stories if it's going to make it worse)
- revisit old hobbies that you wish you were still doing
- learn an instrument and learn to play your favorite song
- learn a foreign language - duolingo is free
- learn to cook (if you don't already know how) - try new recipes and go outside your comfort zone - youtube has tons of cooking videos
- play your favorite music and sing along to it
- watch youtube videos and learn how to dance
- write a short story or poems
- shower, even if you don't feel like it
- put on makeup every now and then (if you normally would) if it helps you feel human
We’re also planning on doing a virtual happy hour on Fridays.
Please response to the slack poll to let us know which time works best for you. (You don’t need to drink alcohol, it’s just a social gathering.)
I love and appreciate you all, and I know how hard this is.
Hang in there, and reach out to me via text, DM, etc if you need to talk. 🤟🏻♥️
Alison Gianotto
Founder & Chief Mohawk Officer

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@TrevorWesttt TrevorWesttt commented Sep 21, 2021

The pandemic has shown us that everybody can find opportunities even in the most challenging times. All that mattered was our attitude toward this situation. And whoever was smart took advantage of the pandemic to do all of the above. To learn something new, to find yourself, and to have a good time with the family. But there is also the other side of the coin. We are not all the same, and not everyone can do this if they do not have the support and encouragement of someone. That was my sister's case. She felt stressed and anxious while at home. So we were looking for a solution to talk to a therapist. We were lucky to find a perfect one on, Dr. Tomson, from the Talk Space platform.

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