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Last active April 22, 2021 21:57
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# Python script for plotting curves for gm/Id method design
# MIT license.
import sys
import os
import numpy as np
import rawread
import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
arrs, plots = rawread.rawread(os.path.expanduser('~/ckt/gmid/gmid.raw'))
n = 0
for mos in ['mn', 'mp']:
gm = np.asarray([elt['@%s[gm]' % mos] for elt in arrs])
id = np.abs(np.asarray([elt['i(@%s[id])' % mos] for elt in arrs]))
gds = np.asarray([elt['@%s[gds]' % mos] for elt in arrs])
cgs = np.asarray([elt['@%s[cgs]' % mos] for elt in arrs])
cgg = np.asarray([elt['@%s[cgg]' % mos] for elt in arrs])
w = np.asarray([elt['@%s[w]' % mos] for elt in arrs])
l = np.asarray([elt['@%s[l]' % mos] for elt in arrs])
gm_id = gm/id
gds_w = gds/w
gm_gds = gm/gds
gm_cgg = gm/cgg
fteff = gm_cgg*gm_id
gaineff = gm_gds*gm_id
id_w = id/w
label = ['%g' % elt for elt in l[:,0]]
curves = (
(gds_w, 'gds/w %s' % mos, plt.semilogy),
(gm_gds, 'gm/gds %s' % mos, plt.plot),
(gm_cgg, '\omega_t = gm/cgg %s' % mos, plt.semilogy),
(fteff, '\omega_t*gm/id %s' % mos, plt.semilogy),
(gaineff, 'gm/gds*gm/id %s' % mos, plt.plot),
(id_w, 'id/w %s' % mos, plt.semilogy))
for curve in curves:
fig = plt.figure(n)
ax = plt.subplot(111)
curve[2](gm_id.T, curve[0].T)
# Shrink current axis by 20%
box = ax.get_position()
ax.set_position([box.x0, box.y0, box.width * 0.8, box.height])
# Put a legend to the right of the current axis
ax.legend(label, loc='center left', bbox_to_anchor=(1, 0.5))
# ax.legend(label, loc='best', ncol=3, fancybox=True) #
fig.savefig(('%d_%s_%s.pdf' % (n, mos, curve[1])).replace('/','_'), format='pdf')
n = n+1
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@brivtoski Did you use binary format from ngspice? The rawread script I wrote does not work with ASCII files.

Yes. I used the same spice file that you provided as gmid.sp (with 'set filetype binary' option)... the raw file generated is in binary form

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