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Created March 29, 2018 09:21
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Raspberry Pi 2560x1440@60Hz
hdmi_cvt=2560 1440 60 3 0 0 1
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hugot commented Aug 19, 2018

How long have you been running your pi with these settings? Have you encountered any negative effects during this time?

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Confirmed working with a BenQ pd-2500t, however after reboot I have been unable to get an ip on a wifi network, wired is working fine. weird.

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Codelica commented Jul 9, 2020

Thanks... working w/ Ubuntu Server 20.04 64bit and Cocopar 12.5" 2k monitor

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I can confirm this works perfectly on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and 2560x1440 native screen LG 27GN880-B at 60 Hz.
Thank you so much!

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jerome-diver commented Aug 31, 2021

works on Raspberry Pi 4B with monitor BenQ EW2770QZ that has been bought in Asia/Thailand.
Got the same information from there: issue post on raspberry pi github where @illmillrig was accused by strange rude's helper.
Thank you to relay the information there, it's fine.

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philippludwig commented Jun 16, 2022

Does not work for me on a Raspberry Pi B+, I get a black screen. Maybe something else is required?

When I change the framerate to 30, at least I get a picture; but the resolution chosen is 1920x1080.

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That was what I was looking for. Working excellent on a LG UltraGear 32GP850-B 1440p screen with RPi 4B.

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