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Created August 8, 2022 10:27
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Steam Deck Notes

Steam Deck Notes

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard (old one that takes AA batteries)

To connect this, you have to be in Desktop mode and you have to hold down the power key on the keyboard until you are asked for some numbers.

To install Epic Games Store Games (Into the Breach)

  1. In Desktop mode use Discover to install Heroic Games Launcher
  2. Start Heroic Games Launcher and download the games you want to play
  3. Run the game at least once in Desktop mode.
  4. Download Heroic Games Bash Launcher
  5. unzip it to ~/Games/Heroic
  6. run it on Konsole ~/Games/Heroic/HeroicBashLauncher-<version>/HeroicBashLauncher
  7. Go back to Steam Game mode
  8. Your game should appear in your Library/Non-Steam Games
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