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Last active October 31, 2021 23:49
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Using PSPP to convert sav files to csv

#Converting SPSS files to csv with PSPP#

Install and open PSPP Use the File menu to open your file (it probably has a .sav extension) Go to File>New>Syntax to open PSPP's command line window


  /OUTFILE="path/newcsvfile.csv"  //location for your new file
  /FIELDNAMES       //optional command to insert fieldnames in the top row
  /CELLS=LABELS.     //optional command specifying to export "labels" from the SPSS codebook (e.g. excellent). Change "labels" to "values" for value reponses (e.g. "5" for "excellent")


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I used your code (TY) to convert the NSSE files from sav to csv, however, now there are multiple problems and I am not sure if I can trust the conversion. Several columns that were numbers came in as custom columns and changed to dates. Other columns came in with a number, with the value label, and both, and some, the digit in sav file was converted to a word in the csv such as 1, one. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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xlxs4 commented May 11, 2021

Sorry to jump in on this, but you can follow something like this, and export to .csv from within Excel (and I would guess OpenOffice, etc.)

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Thanks @xlxs4 and sorry @RobotimusPrimed. I really have no idea what could be causing this.

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