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TypeScript cheatsheet
// same arg type and return type
withUID<T>(obj: T)
// "extends" helps providing some constraints
// eg <T extends object>
withUID({a: 1}) // valid
withUID("wrong way") // NOT valid
// default value type (string)
A<T=string> { name: T }
// defining a type arg on top of another
MyFunc<T extends Person, S = T & { ssid: string }>(
person: S
) : S {}
// overloads (have no body)
function getArray(...args: string[]): string[];
function getArray(args: number): undefined[];
function getArray(...args) {
// component
class MyComponent extends Component<Props, State> {
state: State = {}
// partial subtype
type Partial<T> = { [P in keyof T]?: T[P]; }
type LocalUser = Partial<User>;
// exclude
Exclude<T, U>
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