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Mark (highlight) custom post type parent as active item in Wordpress Navigation.When you visit a custom post type's single page, the parent menu item (the post type archive) isn't marked as active. This code solves it by comparing the slug of the current post type with the navigation items, and adds a class accordingly.
function add_current_nav_class($classes, $item) {
// Getting the current post details
global $post;
// Get post ID, if nothing found set to NULL
$id = ( isset( $post->ID ) ? get_the_ID() : NULL );
// Checking if post ID exist...
if (isset( $id )){
// Getting the post type of the current post
$current_post_type = get_post_type_object(get_post_type($post->ID));
// Getting the rewrite slug containing the post type's ancestors
$ancestor_slug = $current_post_type->rewrite ? $current_post_type->rewrite['slug'] : '';
// Split the slug into an array of ancestors and then slice off the direct parent.
$ancestors = explode('/',$ancestor_slug);
$parent = array_pop($ancestors);
// Getting the URL of the menu item
$menu_slug = strtolower(trim($item->url));
// Remove domain from menu slug
$menu_slug = str_replace($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], "", $menu_slug);
// If the menu item URL contains the post type's parent
if (!empty($menu_slug) && !empty($parent) && strpos($menu_slug,$parent) !== false) {
$classes[] = 'current-menu-item';
// If the menu item URL contains any of the post type's ancestors
foreach ( $ancestors as $ancestor ) {
if (!empty($menu_slug) && !empty($ancestor) && strpos($menu_slug,$ancestor) !== false) {
$classes[] = 'current-page-ancestor';
// Return the corrected set of classes to be added to the menu item
return $classes;
add_action('nav_menu_css_class', 'add_current_nav_class', 10, 2 );
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