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Created October 26, 2015 22:08
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A faster load_textdomain for WordPress
Plugin Name: A faster load_textdomain
Version: 0.0.1
Description: While we're wating for
Author: Per Soderlind
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
License: GPL
Save the plugin in mu-plugins. You don't have to, but you should add an an object cache. See benchmarks at
Credit: nicofuma , I just created the plugin based on his patch (
function a_faster_load_textdomain($retval, $domain, $mofile) {
global $l10n;
if ( !is_readable( $mofile ) ) return false;
$data = get_transient(md5($mofile));
$mtime = filemtime($mofile);
$mo = new MO();
if (!$data || !isset($data['mtime']) || $mtime > $data['mtime']) {
if ( !$mo->import_from_file( $mofile ) ) return false;
$data = array(
'mtime' => $mtime,
'entries' => $mo->entries,
'headers' => $mo->headers
set_transient(md5($mofile), $data);
} else {
$mo->entries = $data['entries'];
$mo->headers = $data['headers'];
if ( isset( $l10n[$domain] ) ) {
$mo->merge_with( $l10n[$domain] );
$l10n[$domain] = &$mo;
return true;
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wpsumo commented Jun 30, 2021

@soderlind How will this play with WPML cache? Think they use JSON. How do you verify it is working as it should and stored in Redis object cache, do you SCAN?

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Is this plugin still functional?

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wpsumo commented Nov 25, 2021

Guess not.

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soderlind commented Jul 18, 2023

This plugin is deprecated, use instead

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