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A faster load_textdomain for WordPress
Plugin Name: A faster load_textdomain
Version: 0.0.1
Description: While we're wating for
Author: Per Soderlind
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
License: GPL
Save the plugin in mu-plugins. You don't have to, but you should add an an object cache. See benchmarks at
Credit: nicofuma , I just created the plugin based on his patch (
function a_faster_load_textdomain($retval, $domain, $mofile) {
global $l10n;
if ( !is_readable( $mofile ) ) return false;
$data = get_transient(md5($mofile));
$mtime = filemtime($mofile);
$mo = new MO();
if (!$data || !isset($data['mtime']) || $mtime > $data['mtime']) {
if ( !$mo->import_from_file( $mofile ) ) return false;
$data = array(
'mtime' => $mtime,
'entries' => $mo->entries,
'headers' => $mo->headers
set_transient(md5($mofile), $data);
} else {
$mo->entries = $data['entries'];
$mo->headers = $data['headers'];
if ( isset( $l10n[$domain] ) ) {
$mo->merge_with( $l10n[$domain] );
$l10n[$domain] = &$mo;
return true;
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