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CFRunLoopSource is cool. It lets you build behavior similar to the mechanisms that drive setNeedsLayout and setNeedsDisplay in UIKit.

I found myself in need of something like this a couple of times. It's great to know that no matter how many times I say I need to update something, I will get a single callback at the end of the run loop that gives me a chance to perform my work.

Here is a little Swift wrapper that makes the API easier to deal with.

Updated for Swift 4

soffes / Vagrantfile
Last active Jul 19, 2017
Vagrantfile for working with Swift
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Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| = "boxcutter/ubuntu1610"
config.ssh.pty = true
config.vm.provision "shell", inline: <<-SHELL
su vagrant
sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt-get install -y git python-dev libcurl3 clang
git clone ~/.swiftenv
echo 'export SWIFTENV_ROOT="$HOME/.swiftenv"' >> ~/.bash_profile
soffes / Rakefile
Last active Feb 25, 2019
Programmatically build and sign a Developer ID macOS app
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APP_NAME = 'My App'
desc 'Create a beta build'
task :build do
# Ensure clean git state
unless system 'git diff-index --quiet HEAD --'
abort 'Failed. You have uncommitted changes.'
soffes / BaseTextStorage.swift
Last active Feb 24, 2019
Fast, concrete text storage intended to be subclassed.
View BaseTextStorage.swift
import UIKit
/// Fast, concrete text storage intended to be subclassed.
class BaseTextStorage: NSTextStorage {
// MARK: - Properties
private let storage = NSMutableAttributedString()
// MARK: - NSTextStorage
soffes / WebCredential.swift
Last active Apr 18, 2019
Easily access Shared Web Credentials
View WebCredential.swift
import Foundation
import Security
struct SharedWebCredentials {
// MARK: - Types
struct Credential {
let domain: String
let account: String
soffes / UISplitViewController+Soffes.swift
Created Jun 8, 2016
Easily access master and detail view controllers on UISplitViewController
View UISplitViewController+Soffes.swift
import UIKit
extension UISplitViewController {
convenience init(masterViewController: UIViewController, detailViewController: UIViewController) {
viewControllers = [masterViewController, detailViewController]
var masterViewController: UIViewController? {
return viewControllers.first
View UIColor+Desaturated.swift
import UIKit
extension UIColor {
var desaturated: UIColor {
var hue: CGFloat = 0
var brightness: CGFloat = 0
var alpha: CGFloat = 0
getHue(&hue, saturation: nil, brightness: &brightness, alpha: &alpha)
View gist:3fa2f8fa7ee3bb14225d738aaa42918b
$ git clone
$ cd ISO8601
$ pod trunk push --verbose
[!] Found podspec `ISO8601.podspec`
Updating spec repo `master`
Validating podspec
ISO8601 (0.5.2) - Analyzing on OS X platform.
soffes / SectionHeaderView.swift
Created Jun 3, 2016
Plain table view section header replacement
View SectionHeaderView.swift
import UIKit
class SectionHeaderView: UIView {
// MARK: - Properties
let textLabel: UILabel = {
let label = UILabel()
label.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
label.font = .boldSystemFontOfSize(17)
soffes / NavigationBar.swift
Created Jun 3, 2016
Change navigation bar border color
View NavigationBar.swift
import UIKit
class NavigationBar: UINavigationBar {
// MARK: - Properties
var borderColor: UIColor? {
set {
borderView.backgroundColor = newValue
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