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aws amplify react native typescript definition
declare module 'aws-amplify-react-native' {
const Amplify: any;
export default Amplify;
// *** UI ***
interface ITheme {
container: {};
section: {};
sectionHeader: {};
sectionHeaderText: {};
sectionFooter: {};
sectionFooterLink: {};
navBar: {};
navButton: {};
cell: {};
errorRow: {};
errorRowText: {};
photo: {};
album: {};
button: {};
buttonDisabled: {};
buttonText: {};
formField: {};
input: {};
inputLabel: {};
phoneContainer: {};
phoneInput: {};
picker: {};
pickerItem: {};
export const AmplifyTheme: ITheme;
export const AmplifyMessageMapEntries: (string | RegExp)[][];
interface IUIProps {
theme?: ITheme;
interface IFormFieldProps extends IUIProps {
[propName: string]: any;
label?: string;
required?: boolean;
export const FormField: React.FC<IFormFieldProps>;
interface IPhoneFieldProps extends IUIProps {
[propName: string]: any;
label?: string;
required?: boolean;
defaultDialCode?: string;
onChangeText: (phone: string) => void;
export const PhoneField: React.ComponentClass<IPhoneFieldProps>;
export const SectionFooter: React.FC<IUIProps>;
interface ILinkCellProps extends IUIProps {
onPress: () => void;
export const LinkCell: React.FC<ILinkCellProps>;
export const Header: React.FC<IUIProps>;
export const ErrorRow: React.FC<IUIProps>;
interface IAmplifyButtonProps extends IUIProps {
[propName: string]: any;
disabled?: boolean;
style?: any;
text?: string;
export const AmplifyButton: React.FC<IAmplifyButtonProps>;
// *** AUTH ***
interface ISignUpFields {
label: string;
key: string;
required: boolean;
displayOrder: number;
type: string;
custom?: boolean;
interface ISignUpConfig {
header?: string;
hiddenDefaults?: string[];
hideAllDefaults?: boolean;
defaultCountryCode?: string;
signUpFields?: ISignUpFields[];
interface IAuthConfig {
includeGreetings?: boolean;
usernameAttributes?: string;
authenticatorComponents?: typeof AuthPiece[];
signUpConfig?: ISignUpConfig;
interface IWACompProps {
authState: string;
authData: any;
onStateChange: (state: string, data: any) => void;
interface IWithAuthenticatorProps {
[propName: string]: any;
authState?: string;
onStateChange?: (state: string, data: any) => void;
export function withAuthenticator(
Comp: React.ComponentType<IWACompProps>,
includeGreetings?: boolean | IAuthConfig,
authenticatorComponents?: typeof AuthPiece[],
federated?: any,
theme?: ITheme,
signUpConfig?: ISignUpConfig,
): React.ComponentClass<IWithAuthenticatorProps>;
interface IAuthenticatorProps {
authState?: string;
authData?: any;
onStateChange?: (state: string, data: any) => void;
theme?: ITheme;
errorMessage?: (message: string) => string;
hideDefault?: boolean;
signUpConfig?: ISignUpConfig;
usernameAttributes?: string;
export const Authenticator: React.ComponentClass<IAuthenticatorProps>;
interface IAuthPieceProps {
usernameAttributes?: string;
onStateChange?: (state: string, data: any) => void;
errorMessage?: (message: string) => string;
messageMap?: (message: string) => string;
authState?: string;
track?: () => void;
theme?: ITheme;
authData?: any;
export const AuthPiece: React.ComponentClass<IAuthPieceProps>;
export const Loading: typeof AuthPiece;
export const SignIn: typeof AuthPiece;
export const ConfirmSignIn: typeof AuthPiece;
interface ISignUpProps extends IAuthPieceProps {
signUpConfig?: ISignUpConfig;
export const SignUp: React.ComponentClass<ISignUpProps>;
export const ConfirmSignUp: typeof AuthPiece;
export const ForgotPassword: typeof AuthPiece;
export const RequireNewPassword: typeof AuthPiece;
export const VerifyContact: typeof AuthPiece;
interface IGreetingsProps extends IAuthPieceProps {
signedInMessage?: string;
signedOutMessage?: string;
export const Greetings: React.ComponentClass<IGreetingsProps>;
interface IWithOAuthProps {
[propName: string]: any;
oauth_config?: any;
interface IWOACompProps {
loading: boolean;
oAuthUser: any;
oAuthError: any;
hostedUISignIn: () => void;
facebookSignIn: () => void;
amazonSignIn: () => void;
googleSignIn: () => void;
customProviderSignIn: (provider: string) => void;
signOut: () => void;
export function withOAuth(
Comp: React.ComponentType<IWOACompProps>,
): React.ComponentClass<IWithOAuthProps>;
// *** API ***
interface IGraphQLOperation {
query: any;
variables: {};
interface IConnectProps {
query?: IGraphQLOperation;
mutation?: IGraphQLOperation;
subscription?: IGraphQLOperation;
onSubscriptionMsg?: (prevData: any, data: any) => any;
export const Connect: React.ComponentClass<IConnectProps>;
// *** STORAGE ***
interface IS3ImageProps extends IUIProps {
imgKey?: string;
level?: string;
body?: any;
contentType?: string;
style?: string;
resizeMode?: string;
export const S3Image: React.ComponentClass<IS3ImageProps>;
interface IS3AlbumProps extends IUIProps {
[propName: string]: any;
path?: string;
level?: string;
filter?: (data: any) => boolean;
export const S3Album: React.ComponentClass<IS3AlbumProps>;
export const ChatBot: React.ComponentClass<any>;

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@nguyenthetoan nguyenthetoan commented Mar 24, 2021

working perfectly in my project, thanks man!


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@sofyan-ahmad sofyan-ahmad commented Mar 24, 2021

@nguyenthetoan glad I can help :)

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