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sogaiu / gist:c75daeb00e2e41b22db5341c7284a77b
Created Apr 17, 2021
episode 126: lenticular design, part 2
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I’m pulling out of the parking lot! We all know what that means! Actually, you probably don’t all know what that means. It means I dropped my daughter off at school today. But it still is time for Drive to Work!
So today, well yesterday, last podcast I started talking about lenticular design. Which is a concept that we’ve been working on a couple different years, based out of our work on New World Order. And last time I talked about sort of what lenticular design was. But I hadn’t finished, and so today, I’m going to talk about sort of the rules for using lenticular design. What does it mean to actually… how do you use it? And there are six rules. This is based on an article that I had written. Very shortly ago published, to me, but since this is many weeks later, over a month ago for you.
Okay. So let’s start with the very first rule. Rule number one is, some complexities are invisible to inexperienced players. So the thing I explained last time was that there are three types of complexity. There’s compre
sogaiu / gist:314c8e9455eb4afee8fe9fee8a2a9c6a
Created Apr 17, 2021
comprehension complexity and lenticular design
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there’s actually a couple different types of comprehension complexity.
So number one is, I just use terminology you don’t know.
That’s another important thing to understand, which is, one of the
goals of teaching somebody to play a game, any game but Magic in
particular, is you don’t need them to know everything. You need them
to know enough to play.
sogaiu / gist:82c545d43fa77513257095acd4386b34
Last active Apr 15, 2021
about lisp editors - via "Common Lisp - A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation"
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The most frequently occurring errors in LISP are parenthetical errors. It
is thus almost imperative to employ some sort of counting or pairing
device to check parentheses every time that a function is changed.
— Elaine Gord, “Notes on the debugging of LISP programs,” 1964.
The above quote was written 25 years ago, when Lisp programs were typed
on punched cards. Today, of course, we use interactive editors. Lisp editors
are not ordinary text editors: They “understand” the syntax of Lisp programs.
On my machine, whenever I type a right parenthesis, the editor flashes the
corresponding left parenthesis for me. This keeps me from making a
sogaiu / gist:22db497c4552c2a2dc309d3461d31d37
Created Apr 13, 2021
setup hp printer on arch derivative
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# install relevant packages
yay -S cups cups-pdf hplip python-pyqt5
# enable and start cups
sudo systemctl enable cups.service
sudo systemctl start cups.service
# printer set up - follow prompts - program should guess ppd file correctly
sudo hp-setup -i
View trail-fun.janet
(use ./build/jaylib)
(init-window 800 600 "Chart")
(set-target-fps 60)
(def current-animations @{})
View lookup-raylib-for-jaylib.el
(defun lookup-raylib-for-jaylib ()
"Lookup C raylib definition for jaylib construct.
Requires TAGS file be built first for raylib.
To build the TAGS file with Universal Ctags (, in the project
directory of raylib, try: \"ctags -e -R .\""
(when-let ((name (thing-at-point 'symbol :no-properties)))
(let* ((parts (split-string name "-"))
(caps (mapcar #'capitalize parts))
(old-tags-file-path tags-file-name))
sogaiu / gist:43062593347ba62464c45b25ddabc878
Last active Apr 10, 2021
rimworld graphics attributes
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13:51 rimworld graphics are as important as the typeface on a novel
it can be better or worse but in the end I don't care except in
terms of how effectively it transmits the story into the player's
* not ugly
if it's painful to look at or it looks awful on video you're not gonna
sell that many games because it's just ugly it's actually unpleasant to
look at so we try to definitely at least reach the threshold of beauty
sogaiu / about-learning-a-concept-that-has-a-problematic-name.txt
Last active Apr 18, 2021
about learning a concept that has a problematic name
View about-learning-a-concept-that-has-a-problematic-name.txt
about learning a concept that has a problematic name
1) it's important to learn some concept and a name for it
2) the name is problematic in some fashion
sogaiu / lua.clj
Last active Apr 9, 2021
calling lua from clojure
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(ns liblua-clj.lua
[tech.v3.datatype.ffi :as dt-ffi]))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(def lua-def
{:luaL_newstate {:rettype :pointer
:argtypes []}
:luaL_openlibs {:rettype :void
sogaiu / janet.clj
Last active Apr 8, 2021
using tree-sitter in clojure via janet parse clojure code
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(ns libjanet-clj.janet
[tech.v3.datatype.ffi :as dt-ffi]))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
;; XXX: may need export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=... depending on setup
(def janet-def
{:janet_init {:rettype :int16