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@soheilhy soheilhy/main.go
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Incomplete TaskQ/main()
func main() {
h := beehive.NewHive()
go h.Start()
defer h.Stop()
q := taskq.Queue("MyQueue")
b := "copy f1 to f2"
enq := taskq.Enque{Task: taskq.Task{Queue: q, Body: []byte(b)}}
if _, err := h.Sync(context.TODO(), enq); err != nil {
deq := taskq.Deque{Queue: q}
var t taskq.Task
if res, err := h.Sync(context.TODO(), deq); err != nil {
} else {
t = res.(taskq.Task)
fmt.Printf("processed task #%v: %s\n", t.ID, string(t.Body))
ack := taskq.Ack{ID: t.ID, Queue: q}
if _, err := h.Sync(context.TODO(), ack); err != nil {
fmt.Printf("acked task #%v: %s\n", t.ID, string(t.Body))
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