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Read in a file and print to stdout
#include <stdio.h>
int main(void){
// I have a file with the following text:
There lived a man named Jerry,
He was super duper merry.
He jumped and danced,
He banged on cans,
The happiest man named Jerry.
// Let's grab this file and print the entire
// poem into the terminal
// first let's take our file pointer and get
// our file using fopen in one slick line
// we have to be in read mode ("r")
FILE * fp = fopen("poem.txt", "r");
// we can pull in one character at a time using fgetc()
// and we will know when to stop once feof() is true
// each time fgetc() is called the index is automagically incremented
// which is why it goes to the next character without us being involved
char c;
c = fgetc(fp);
printf("%c", c);
return 0;
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