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Last active Apr 10, 2021
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QuickAlerts Extension for Tradingview

QuickAlerts is a Chrome Extension for Tradingview.

It's features include:

  1. Batch import/export of an ever-growing number of alert types
  2. Sort alerts alphabetically
  3. When the user clicks an alert to visit it's graph, the graph's indicators settings update to match it
  4. Error checking for when autoview settings do not match the base-alert's coinpair
  5. Increase the width of the Alert Edit/Create dialog to make the indicator settings visible

Known issues and their work-arounds:

  1. "Nothing happens when I import": Go to chrome://extensions and enable developer mode, then go back to the tradingview tab, right click on the QuickAlerts icon in the top right and select "inspect popup" when the popup appears, upload your alerts as usual.
  2. "When I'm importing, I get an error that TV could not save my alert" QuickAlerts uses a lot of TV bandwidth when it's going full-out. You can reduce that usage by removing all non-essential indicators/studies/backtests from the graph when importing. QA is able to pick up back where you left-off when you are importing, just make sure that:
    • indicatorValues are separated with an * not a ;
    • all defaults either have values or are blank... (no dashes or * for default)
    • expirationDate is populated for every alert using this date format: 2018-06-30T17:28:00.000Z
    • soundSettingFrequency default is "Once" instead of "null"

Terms of use:

QuickAlerts is not responsible for any financial loss due to it's use. Each time you import a batch of alerts, you should spot-check them to make sure they are what you intended.

Privacy Policy:

Installing QuickAlerts (Hereafter QA) is an agreement that we may track minimal data about extension usage via Google analytics, and that QA may store data in your chrome account to maintain licensing information. Data collected from users will never be sold. QA must access (Hereafter TV) and to perform automation tasks, we do not collect any details about your tradingview account. QA's Communication with is to verify licensing and access additional functionality for TV automation. We reserve the right to occasionally email users with updates and new developments. We are interenet users, too and don't want to be evil.

General use tips:

  1. After you have been granted access to use QuickAlerts you'll need to make sure the email address you signed up with is logged into chrome itself. (E.g. how all your extensions and bookmarks are synced.)
  2. Refresh your Tradingview tab after installing QA(QuickAlerts). Otherwise QA will not work.
  3. Running QuickAlerts on a VPS or Linux/Chromium often results in significant issues with QA. Stick to windows/Mac on a desktop or laptop running chrome.
  4. Exporting will instantly pop open a file-save dialog. If it doesn't something is wrong.
  5. Many of the columns will have empty values down the rows in the exported CSV. This is due to the DEFAULT row. Any cell that is empty just pulls the default value for that column.
  6. You don't need an example CSV, just export one of your own. Or, if you don't have any alerts, create a couple of Alerts first, then export them.
  7. Whenever you import alerts, QA makes your alerts perfectly match the values you imported. All alerts you have on TV that don't match will be deleted.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to QuickAlerts, please check to see if it's on our trello board first. If it isn't, feel free to mention it on the The QuickAlerts Discord.

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