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Thomas Urban soletan

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  • Single-node Docker swarm is used to benefit from single stack definition w/o need for installing docker-compose and lots of python libs on host.
    • Multi-node swarm is not supported here.
  • nginx is used as a reverse proxy in a separate container with certs maintained by host.


soletan /
Last active Jun 5, 2019
On Cepharum Coding Style Guide


When developing Javascript code you are advised to use our ESLint configuration to implement most parts of our coding style.

Why not using Standard JS?

Standard JS is an eligible coding style for most users. Nonetheless we consider Standard JS to include some oddities we basically dislike.

For example, we guess using single quotes for strings is due to making life easier for people with QWERTY layout by saving use of Shift-key. Javascript doesn't care whether using single or double quotes. Thus, from a Javascript developer's point of view this decision comes without little bias and that's why we guess the keyboard/convenience factor was used to decide on this one. However, this benefits doesn't apply to users working with different keyboard layouts. And most other languages care a lot about the used quotes. This is even true in the family of C-like languages Javascript belongs to. In C/C++ double quotes are required to wrap multi-char

soletan / expressjs-shutdown.js
Created Sep 27, 2015
How to shut down express js gracefully while supporting keep-alive
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// this is an excerpt of essential but non-working part extracted from local expressjs application ...
var app = require( "express" )();
var httpServer = require( "http" ).createServer( app );
httpServer.on( "connection", function( socket ) {
} );