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stevschmid /
Created Sep 5, 2015
How the Track-o-Bot API works


Access any profile page by providing the username and API key (generated in the settings -> API) , e.g.


Any profile page can be requested as JSON. Simply add .json at the end of the url (but before the query string which starts with ?), see example above.

Use the browser to see the JSON structure. JSONView is an excellent browser extension which shows JSON in a nice way.

VanLaser / context_quick_scope.vim
Last active Aug 29, 2015 — forked from cszentkiralyi/context_quick_scope.vim
Only enable the quick-scope plugin's highlighting when using the f/F/t/T movements
View context_quick_scope.vim
" Insert into your .vimrc after quick-scope is loaded.
" Obviously depends on <> being installed.
" enable quick_scope conditionally
let g:qs_enable = 0
let g:qs_enable_char_list = [ 'f', 'F', 't', 'T' ]
function! Quick_scope_selective(movement)
let needs_disabling = 0
if !g:qs_enable
justinfx /
Last active Feb 3, 2022
Speed test of common serializers on python 2.7.2 (pickle, cPickle, ujson, cjson, simplejson, json, yajl, msgpack)
pip install tabulate simplejson ujson yajl msgpack
from timeit import timeit
from tabulate import tabulate
setup = '''d = {
'words': """