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ubuntu@review:~$ export GERRIT_SITE=~/gerrit_testsite
ubuntu@review:~$ mkdir -p $GERRIT_SITE
ubuntu@review:~$ java -jar gerrit*.war init --batch --dev -d $GERRIT_SITE
[2020-02-06 22:35:19,113] [main] INFO : No /home/ubuntu/gerrit_testsite/etc/gerrit.config; assuming defaults
Generating SSH host key ... rsa... ed25519... ecdsa 256... ecdsa 384... ecdsa 521... done
Initialized /home/ubuntu/gerrit_testsite
Reindexing projects: 100% (2/2)
Reindexed 2 documents in projects index in 0.2s (9.6/s)
Executing /home/ubuntu/gerrit_testsite/bin/ start
Starting Gerrit Code Review: WARNING: Could not adjust Gerrit's process for the kernel's out-of-memory killer.
This may be caused by /home/ubuntu/gerrit_testsite/bin/ not being run as root.
Consider changing the OOM score adjustment manually for Gerrit's PID=3745 with e.g.:
echo '-1000' | sudo tee /proc/3745/oom_score_adj
error: cannot start Gerrit: exit status 1
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