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// - LITTLE: They appear at all WaveTrend wave crossings
// - GREEN: The wavetrend waves are at the oversold level and have crossed up (bullish)
// - RED: The wavetrend waves are at the overbought level and have crossed down (bearish)
// - PURPLE: Appear when a bullish or bearish divergence is formed and WaveTrend waves crosses at overbought and oversold points
// - GOLD: When RSI is below 20, WaveTrend waves are below or equal to -80 and have crossed up (DONT BUY WHEN GOLD CIRCLE APPEAR)
// - None of these circles are certain signs to trade. It is only information that can help you.
// I am not an expert trader or know how to program pine script as such, in fact it is my first indicator only to study and all the code is copied and modified from other codes that are published in TradingView.