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重映射Thinkpad 4X30K12182 蓝牙键盘的功能键为F1 ~ F12,需要先安装AutoKey
#SingleInstance force ; 重新启动该文件会加载修改过的.ahk文件
; auther LC
; 重映射Thinkpad 4X30K12182 蓝牙键盘的功能键为F1 ~ F12
; remap Thinkpad 4X30K12182 blue tooth keyborad Fn keys to F1 ~ F12 ;
; save this file as thinkpadRemap.ahk and install autohotkey to run it
; 不想重映射哪个按键就在那一行前面加一个分号
; comment any line with comma before the line to disable the key map
Volume_Mute:: send {F1}
Volume_Down:: send {F2}
Volume_Up:: send {F3}
Media_Prev:: send {F4}
Media_Play_Pause:: send {F5}
Media_Next:: send {F6}
Browser_Back:: send {F7}
Browser_Home:: send {F8}
AppsKey:: send {F9}
<#<+F21:: send {F10} ;工作的不太好,但貌似勉强能用 works but has side effect
<!<^Tab:: send {F11}
;<#l:: send {F12} ;实测无效 not work, still lock the screen although it will send F12

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